Janice Sutherland, ND
Janice Sutherland, ND
The Art of Sauna
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Pure Roots Integrative Health
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Janice Sutherland, ND

Dr. Janice Sutherland completed her Naturopathic training at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in 2015. She is also trained in Bowen Therapy and Breathwork Facilitation. She has an honours Bachelor of Science degree in Health Studies and Psychology minor, from the University of Waterloo, ON. Before her training at Boucher, she spent 4 years as a Health Coach and Regional Manager at Truestar Health and U Weight Loss Inc. in London ON, Edmonton, AB, and Kelowna, BC. She is licensed to practice Naturopathic Medicine in British Columbia, with two locations in Burnaby. She has a general practice in family medicine at The Art of Sauna and Pure Roots Integrative Health. 

Dr. Sutherland is dedicated to guiding you as you rediscover your highest state of well-being. There is a magnificent source of energy within all life, and Dr. Sutherland gives you the tools to tap into this energy as balance is restored in your body, mind, and spirit. There are many healing modalities that can help replenish deficiencies, and realign you with the innate wisdom of the body. As you are supported with an effective treatment protocol, healing becomes faster and easier, and the possibilities in your life expand. Her treatment plans easy to follow, and are tailored specifically for you and the underlying cause of imbalance.

Services Available: Nutritional / Weightloss counseling, Integrative counseling, supplement protocol, herbal medicine, homeopathy, manual muscle therapy (massage), Mind-Boday Medicine in Breathwork, Bowen Therapy, Lab diagnostics, Connect to Nature Walks.