Krista Braun, ND
Krista Braun, ND
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Krista Braun, ND

Certifications: Acupuncture, Chelation

Imagine yourself day to day, waking every morning refreshed after a sound sleep, you are energetic and free of pain, mentally and emotionally at peace, and able to enjoy healthy relationships… 

Is this different from how you currently live your life?  

  • What changes would you make?  
  • How do you want to improve in your health?


Like many of us do, I developed a deep passion for our natural surroundings in my backyard when I was a child.  Later on in life, this passion developed into a desire to contribute to the preservation of our delicate environment.  And being the science nerd that I was, I  feel in love with exploring nature’s puzzle’s through the eyes of academia and dove head first into science research. 

I acquired a research position at the BC Cancer Research Center (BCCRC) where I leaned that the study of treatment and prevention for any given disease should not only be done on the cellular and molecular level, but on the body as a whole. I am constantly amazed at how our body is so perfectly designed for living, right down to its molecular processes.  But I have come to appreciate that the body is a network of delicate systems, and its balance can become upset if we don’t take care of ourselves.

As result of my experience at the BCCRC, I turned my attention to medicine, and to the practices built on holistic principles.  In my search for such, I came across naturopathic medicine.  Since then, I have dedicated myself to this practice, by actively participating in its growth, and by learning and applying my knowledge to help people achieve their health goals.

Today, I crowd myself around what I have come to love during my childhood.  The science and art of nature. My practice is in the Inlet Wellness Gallery, a heritage house that is also an art gallery where it endeavors to make my patients feel relaxed and inspired.  

I received my Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. With an honors degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from SFU, and a deep passion for the mind/body connection, I understand the importance of using both scientific and holistic approaches in medicine. 

I am dedicated to the practice of assisting those who seek better health as they overcome their obstacles. Through the stories of my patients, I have come to know that the human body is capable of incredible healing and one’s journey to great health can reach far and beyond their expectations.

I look forward to working with you, in your search for better health. 


Dr. Krista Braun