JQ Chen, ND
Advanced Healing Arts
201 - 2615 St Johns Street
Port Moody, BC V3H 2B5 604-939-4325604-939-4325
JQ Chen, ND

Certifications: Acupuncture, Chelation, Prolotherapy, Advanced Injection Therapies / IVs, Aesthetic Procedures, Ozone Therapy, Prescriptive Authority

Languages spoken: English, Chinese, Mandarin

Dr. JQ Chen obtained her medical degree and practised as an ophthalmologist in China.  She is a licensed naturopath and has been in the naturopathic field since 1997.

Her areas of practice are:

   -  ophthalmology / eye related diseases,

  -  cancer and chronic illnesses,

  -  chinese medicine,

  -  IV therapies,

  -  esthetics,

  -  anti-aging,

  -  laser therapy,

  -  heavy metal detox,

  -  mental health,

  -  hormone replacement therapy.

She has extensive experience with allergies, pain management, prolotherapy, neural therapy, oxidative therapies such as ozone and hydrogen peroxide, chelations, injectables, medical detoxification, acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy, mesotherapy, iridiology and treatment of various eyes conditions.