Dorothy Fairley, ND
Dorothy Fairley, ND
Dr. Dorothy Fairley
2490 Blenheim Street
Vancouver, BC V6K 0A4 604-738-2205604-738-2205
Dorothy Fairley, ND

Certifications: Prescriptive Authority

* I have been practicing in Kitsilano for over 20 years

* I believe strongly in the ability of the body to heal itself

* I provide food sensitivity testing, which can be useful not only in treating digestive disorders, but also skin problems, asthma and fatigue (for example)

* I treat whoever walks through my door, as I don't consider myself to specialize in any area, other than Naturopathic Medicine

* I regularly treat: 

* Digestive disorders of all kinds

* Allergies and asthma 

* Depression and anxiety

* Insomnia and fatigue

*Women's health issues. I do pap smears, fitting for Femcaps, and make referrals for Thermograms and Mammograms 

* Pediatrics (children's health)

* Heart conditions

*Acute infections of all kinds - upper respiratory, bladder, etc.

* Chronic illness - auto-immune, cancer

* I have a cold-pulsed Theralase machine, which is used for treating injuries of all kinds, old and new. It is a fantastic tool for reducing pain and inflammation 

* I share my practice with an excellent chiropractor 

* I look forward to working with you and your family towards optimal health!