Robert Van Horlick, ND
Robert Van Horlick, ND
Richmond, BC 250-565-5487250-565-5487
Robert Van Horlick, ND

Certifications: Chelation

Currently offering home and clinic visits in Richmond.  Reach my clinic on my 250 mobile.

My practice is very eclectic, I have developed over the years various areas of special focus.  I use comprehensive programs which are geared to find the cause of the disease /problem that is affecting the individual.

I like working with families, sport medicine, pediatrics/womens health,muscle/skeletal problems and  allergies. I use a EDS system like VEGA testing which is called BEST system.I  am board certified in bio-oxidative medicine. I treat chronic degenerative diseases, like autoimmune disease [ interstitial cystitis, RA, MS, Lupus, etc] I have special programs for cancer patients.

If I can be of help to you or someone you know please feel free to give me a call at 250-565 4687.

Dr Bob Van Horlick